What is the benefit of booking through Opulence in Travel as opposed to booking online or directly?

We are not your average travel company when it comes to planning and booking. We are a lifestyle company that understands your most scarce resource, time. We take the pressure off you so you can enjoy your holiday, retreat or just spend more time with your clients at events.

This is how we do it

We source and recommend properties that will meet your needs and desires

Provide you with full service through the planning stage, our 24/7 concierge service during your stay and post departure service

We provide our own staff to ensure your events run smoothly and are truly memorable

We provide local knowledge to ensure that there are no unexpected occurrences during your stay

We can provide you with last minute table and beach club reservations as well as access to private members clubs across Asia

We can introduce you to local partners if you are interested in business opportunities

What do you mean by bespoke itinerary?

A bespoke itinerary is a plan for your holiday, retreat or event that is tailor made to your needs and requirements. During the collaboration process, we will sit down, talk on the phone, or correspond via email to understand exactly what you are looking for. We will then customize this with all the logistics, arrangements and lifestyle requirements that you desire and provide you with a full quotation and itinerary in 5 working days. Following your booking confirmation we will also provide you with a detailed destination profile and day by day schedule.

How far in advance do I need to book?

We are ultimately flexible. If you want to travel tomorrow, we will find you an available property and ensure everything is arranged. If you are booking a retreat or event we suggest at least a minimum of 1 month planning is required but we can work with you if you have events that need to be planned faster.

How is my quotation calculated?

For each villa rental our fee is included in the villa rental price. For our bespoke planning of holidays, retreats and events, it will all depend on the level of activities, lifestyle requests, planning and logistics that are required, which will be reflective in your quotation.

Do I need to pay the full amount or can I pay a deposit?

We require a 50% down payment deposit on your entire invoice in order to confirm your booking. The remaining 50% payment is typically due 60 days prior to your arrival, however this can differ slightly from owner to owner, so we will inform you in your villa rental contract prior to your confirmation.

Do you have other villas not listed on your website?

Yes, we are constantly adding new luxury and hand selected properties to our portfolio, so should you not be able to find a property that suits your needs then please let us know. We also have access to properties that are not advertised extensively and are only available to referred clients and this is where we can assist you to gain access.

Does the villa include food and beverage?

Each villa has a slightly different level of inclusiveness. Most villas will provide you with breakfast and some an afternoon tea. Then if you would like meals throughout the day your private chef can accommodate this and it will either be an off the menu style, or you can request certain meals which the chef will purchase food for and charge you accordingly. If you would like full meal catering, this can also be arranged on a bespoke basis.

Do longer term villa rental result in reduced per night rates?

Yes, the majority of our villa owners are prepared to negotiate and provide reduced rates for longer term rentals.

Do villa owners allow reduced occupancy for small groups looking to stay in large properties?

Yes, the majority of our owners are prepared to reduce rates based on smaller group sizes where the number of bedrooms utilized is less than the total number of bedrooms that the villa offers. We will be able to negotiate this on your behalf.

Should I have full coverage travel insurance?

Yes, this goes without saying. We will require you to have travel insurance coverage for your entire group, including full medical coverage.

How do refunds work if my plans change?

Each Villa has slightly different refund policies which will be provided to you in your rental contract prior to your confirmation. Refunds may not be available for services that have already been paid for on your behalf, especially in relation to retreats and events.

What payment methods do you offer and in what currency?

We require payment in USD and we accept wire transfer, paypal, bitcoin, Visa, Mastercard and American Express. If you would like to pay in an alternate currency please let us know and we will endeavor to accommodate this, bearing in mind that currency fluctuations could be incurred. If paying by wire transfer please provide payment advice. Please note that credit card transactions are subject to a 4% surcharge.

Are the Villas children friendly?

Yes, our properties are very used to accommodating children, their staff are great with kids and many offer an array of children’s games, activities and play rooms. Please let us know how many children will be joining you, their ages and if they have any special dietary requirements, and we will confirm this with your preferred villa prior to your booking confirmation, as well as any requirements such as cots, high chairs and prams. We can also arrange pre-screened babysitters if you require more assistance.

Can I bring my pet along?

Each Villa has a different policy on pets so we will source you a property that accommodates your beloved pet.

Do you assist with our CIP, VIP or special clients?

This is what we do best. We treat each of our clients as a Commercially Important Person, but if you have specific requirements for a VIP, CEO, management team or mother and father of the bride, then we will ensure that their trip is completed seamless and luxurious at each step.

How many staff will be on hand in my villa?

This depends on each villa, but as a general rule of thumb there are at least 5 staff on site. This includes, maids, cleaners, butlers, security and gardeners. Each of our recommended properties are immaculately maintained and cleaned each and every day, as well as throughout the day.


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