Partner with us and offer your clients bespoke itineraries in the most luxurious properties across Asia


Dear Agents,

We would like to invite you to become an affiliate agent of Opulence in Travel, which allows you access to our Collaborate, Customize and Create planning methodology, to build bespoke holidays, retreats and event itineraries, in the best residences across Asia. Working with you directly, you will retain communication with your client, as we guide you through the planning and villa selection process.

  • Opulence in Travel only represents the most exclusive villas in Asia
  • Competitive commission sharing arrangements (Commissions payable are prior to service charges, government taxes and bank remittance fees)
  • International invoicing and commission hold back agreement
  • White labeling option for preferred affiliate agents
  • Pre-selection and approval required for new affiliate agents
  • Your clients will have access to our reputable service standards and can amend plans throughout their trip with the Opulence in Travel concierge service

Contact us today to discuss how you can expand your product offering, to include retreats and events.

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